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Do You pay the top marginal tax rate?

Then here you have a unique opportunity to invest in a solar energy park. This way you could make your upper bracket work for you.

It may therefore be prudent for you to invest a portion in solar PV. The law favors investment in renewable energy with an attractive tax depreciation of up to 25%, annually. Furthermore, the long-term publicly guaranteed energy contracts and high reliability enable the use of attractive financing packages. Up to 80% can be financed on terms similar to a mortgage loan.

This provides a good balance between risk and return. It is also why many people have chosen to supplement their pension with a solar investment scheme.

As an investor in a solar park you get a tax deduction on your personal income. This reduction is sufficient enough to fully finance your investment. You do not need to use your own free agents or "take money out of pocket." Instead, you experience a positive cash flow from start to finish.

Your savings are generated by the surplus of the solar park's operational production and the reduction of the loan.

Since this is a productive investment by nature, there is both a feasibility for profit and a risk of loss.

A sensible solar investment is characterized by a high degree of security with long and interminable electricity contracts, which are even government-guaranteed. The electricity generation by solar cells, which have no moving parts means that production is both predictable and reliable. Accompanied by low maintenance costs make this investment suitable and stable enough for retirement purposes.


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