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The best solar projects

Many countries have the ambition to increase the alternative energy share of the total electricity generation. You will find in the market that there are many government-guaranteed subsidies for electricity generated using solar panels. Our formidable network means you will always get the best and most rewarding solar projects on the market. We are often offered solar parks, which are not normally for sale. Greensave is offered these opportunities, thanks to its longstanding experience in the European market and its large size, which enables us to ensure the stability that our European partners value.
1. The best solar projects
2. Long Government secured electricity contracts
3. Limited liability and positive cash flow
4. Proven technology and reliable electricity
5. Predictable Budgeting
6. Favorable Pricing and reasonable TAX depreciation rules
7. Turnkey solar projects with strong and rigid funding
8. Investor Services
9. Interactive and personal Investor Login
10. Personal inspection
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