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Greensave Middle East offers a savings plan as a good supplement to a conventional pension scheme. The investment profile is security and savings. We cater to investors who attach great importance in sound business investment with a solid earnings potential.

An investment in alternative solar energy based on long-term government-guaranteed electricity contracts is both safe and predictable. One can thus compare an investment in a solar park to a long term savings plan for retirement.

Higher returns and potential for gain

Most employees have a retirement plan that pays 10-15% of their annual salary. This amount is deducted on tax returns and you pay tax when your pension is paid.

In principle, investing in a solar park is exactly the same. You receive a deduction now and you pay tax, as the power generation of solar park is settled. Unlike an annuity however, there is a higher return on a solar investment. As a result of the settlement price, which guarantees the security of a solar investment.

Savings without a reduction in private consumption

With a solar investment, it is also possible to obtain solid savings - without a reduction in private consumption.

As an investor in a solar park you receive: a tax deduction in personal income, whereby you achieve favorable savings without having to take money out of your pocket.

Our projects are organized in such a way that distributions are made after the first five year period. These can be used as a supplement to retirement. Both the size and frequency of distributions of course depend on the individual solar park's location and output. These figures will appear in the prospectus.


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